Access to the ancillary service markets

There are two ways to supply ancillary services:

  1. The supplier must be approved as a balance responsible party for either generation or demand in eastern or western Denmark, cf. market regulation C1, and must also have signed a Main agreement on the supply of ancillary services. This option provides access to the delivery of all ancillary services.
  2. The supplier must have signed an Agreement on the supply of balancing services without energy supplies. This option provides access to the delivery of FCR in western Denmark, FFR in eastern Denmark and FCR-D in eastern Denmark – i.e. ancillary services with very limited energy supplies, which do not require that the supplier has a contract with a balance responsible party.

In addition, the plants and systems which are to supply the ancillary services must be approved by Energinet. Approval of plants and systems is granted subject to 'Prequalification and test of units and aggregated portfolios'.

A review of the various ancillary service products, including technical requirements and commercial conditions, can be found in 'Ancillary services to be delivered in Denmark - Tender conditions'.