Energinet and demand-side response

Energinet’s aim is to ensure that demand-side response can operate in the electricity market on equal terms with generation-side response because demand-side response is part of the puzzle that we need to solve to achieve a 100% green energy system.

For Energinet, working with demand-side response involves collaborating and exchanging knowledge with the world around us to identify any barriers that prevent demand from contributing to the electricity system on the same terms as generation. 
We are looking into a future with increasing electrification. This means that electricity will replace other forms of energy more and more for a number of purposes. Electrification will also grow due to the continuous introduction of new technologies that use electricity because this can be generated in a green and inexpensive way. As a result, electricity demand will increase. This growing demand for electricity, coupled with less flexible generation, highlights the need for demand-side response to come into play if we are to continue to ensure that there is green power in the outlet at 20.50 and in 2050.  
Energinet’s goal is to support this development by making knowledge and expertise available while also building on the experience and knowledge that we need to continue to ensure the right energy system framework. We do this by working together with the world around us. 
Demand-side response is part of the solution when it comes to achieving our goal of an electricity system based on 100% renewable energy. Demand-side response offers a way to reduce the electricity bill, while also supporting the existing electricity system, thus saving society from the costs of a massive expansion of the existing grid.


Demand-side response work is anchored across Energinet Electricity System Operator and is also an area of special interest in daily business as well as part of Energinet's overall strategy.