Certificates of origin - how much?

Energinet charges an administration fee and a service charge when we issue a certificate of origin. Please see our fees and charges for 2022 below. The account holder pays Energinet a fee for use of our certificate register.The fee covers use of the certificate register for the entire Danish domain. Energinet’s fees are calculated to cover the Energinet’s costs related to the certificate of origin process.

  •  Annual fee for account in Energinet’s register for electronic certificates of origin: € 7.585 ex. VAT
  • Establishment of plant: € 24 ex. VAT, per Facility
  • Electronic issuance of certificates of origin, per month: € 240 ex. VAT, per account
  • Issuance of certificates of origin: € 0,0068 per MWh, ex. VAT, per certificate
  • Import of certificates of origin: € 0,0073 per MWh, ex. VAT, per certificate
  • Export of certificates of origin: € 0,0018 pr. MWh ex. VAT, per certificate