eic - Energy Identification Coding Scheme

Market players in the energy sector need EIC codes to exchange information. To ensure reliable exchange of information, a system of identification is required. The identification scheme that ensures this is called the Energy Identification Coding Scheme (EIC). In Denmark, the codes are issued by Energinet.

How to apply for an EIC code

If you need an EIC code in relation to your work in the Danish Energy Market, you can apply for one by using the guide below.

  1. Send an e-mail to eic-administration@energinet.dk to apply for an EIC code with the following information. NB. The required information is dependent on the type of EIC code you apply for. 

Type X

  • Name of the company
  • Short name (must start with DK_ and maximum 16 ciphers)
  • VAT number
  • Function(s) - read more about the different X-code functions here

Type W, Y & Z

  • Type of EIC code
  • Name of the asset, area or endpoint
  • Short name (must start with DK_ and maximum 16 ciphers)
  • Function(s) - read more about the different functions here

Type V

  • Name of the location
  • Short name (must start with DK_ and maximum 16 ciphers)
  • The X-code of the responsible company
  • Function(s) -read more about the different V-code functions here
  1. Energinet validates the credentials of the market participant. Subsequently, Energinet verifies the market participants’ information that an EIC code does not exist already in the our database or on the CIO’s database/website. Finally, we send the application for your EIC code to ENTSO-E. 

  2. When the application has been approved, you will receive information about your new EIC-code and it will also be published on ENTSO-Es’ list of approved EIC-codes.

Who needs an EIC-code?

Market participants and other entities active within the Energy Internal European Market should have an EIC-code, examples of there participants and entities can be seen below. EIC is, however, only a coding scheme and it is not a right or authorization to trade energy.

  • Market participants (Parties - object type "X"), the EIC also covers other entities by allocating 13 a
  • Areas for inter System Operator data interchange
  • Measuring Points & energy metering points
  • Resource objects, e.g. production plants, consumption units, etc.
  • International tie lines between areas
  • Locations, e.g. locations of market participants or IT systems
  • Substations

Further information

Read ENTSO-E’s short guide and Q&A on EIC codes here.