How to become a balance responsible party

A balance-responsible party buys and sells electricity on electricity exchanges and can handle balance responsibility for end customers. See below what you must do to become a balance-responsible party in the Danish electricity market.

Mandatory requirements for balance-responsible parties and ancillary service providers 

Requirements for balance-responsible parties differ depending on whether you are responsible for demand, generation, or trade. Notice that there is also different requirements for ancillary service providers.  

Requirements for all balance-responsible parties (demand, generation, and trade):

  • eSett: The first step towards becoming a balance-responsible party is to contact eSett,a provider of imbalance settlement services, and enter into an agremement with eSett. Click here to read more and apply for a BRP role at eSett.

  • GLN or EIC number: These numbers are uniquie codes that all balance-responsible parties must have to ensure reliable and efficient identification of all parties

  • Credit evaluation: If necessary, all balance-responsible parties must provide security for their obligations, see Regulation C1 (updated version - Danish only). Fill out this master data form and send it to

  • VAT registration: All balance-responsible parties must be VAT registrered in Denmark or another EU or EEA country.

Additional requirements for balance-responsible parties for demand and generation:

Since balance-responsible parties for demand and generation communicate with Energinet's systems, these parties are subject to additional requirements. 

  • IT system: Balance-responsible parties for demand and generation must have their own IT system that is integrated with Energinet's IT system. Here is a list of approved system suppliers for inspiration. Alternatively, Energinet's webportal (self-service portal) can be used, and we recommend that the balance-responsible party becomes familiar with the functionality of the solution before beginning operation. Please note that bilateral trade cannot be done via Energinet's self-service portal. This type of trade must be reported via eSett. All balance-responsible parties must perform tests with Energinet's systems to ensure compliance with test requirements (see Regulation F).

  • DataHub: if a balance-responsible party wants measurement data from DataHub, the following points must be observed:

    • Test with DataHub: Balance-responsible parties for demand and generation, that use their own IT systems, must perform End2End tests of communication between their respective IT systems and DataHub.

    • Certificates: Balance-responsible parties for demand and generation must have certificates for test and generation, respectively.

    • IP address: Balance-responsible parties for demand and generation must state their IP address to communicate with DataHub.

How to get started

There are a number of things that you can do to get the process of becoming a new balance-responsible party started more quickly.

First of all, you can read Regulation C1: Terms of balance responsibility (updated version - Danish only)

Contact Energinet early and we will help you through the process as smoothly as possible.

Ancillary services

If a balance-responsible party wants to supply ancillary services, requirements for the various facility types are found here:  Access to the ancillary service markets


Do you have questions or need help?

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