How to become a third-party participant

Energinet has a number of requirements you must meet in order to access customers data from DataHub based on an authorization (power of attorney) granted by the customer.

Admission requirements for third-party participants

A number of requirements must be met to operate on the Danish electricity market as a third party.

  • VAT registration: The company must be VAT registered in Denmark.
  • NemID/MitID Company Signature: The company must use a valid NemID/MitID company signature from Nets to authenticate itself.
  • Company website: The company must have its own website.


Getting Started

You are welcome to complete a number of steps on your own to speed up the third-party admission process:

  • User manuals: We recommend that you read the user manuals for third-party admission before you start the admission process
  • NemID/MitID: Make sure to have your NemID/MitID ready by applying for it well in advance
  • Excel: You may find it useful to create an Excel template to list and analyse data.



Tips for a strong start