How to become an electricity supplier

You must meet several requirements if you would like to become a new electricity supplier in the Danish electricity market. You are welcome to complete a number of steps on your own to speed up the process.

Requirements for electricity suppliers

A number of requirements must be met, before you can act in the Danish electricity market as electricity supplier:  

  • GLN- or EIC-number: The numbers are unique codes, which identifies each electricity supplier which and is a secure and efficient identification method for all players with access to DataHub.
  • IT system: Electricity suppliers must either acquire an IT system from an approved system supplier or have a current IT system that passes our system test.*
  • Certificates: Electricity suppliers must have two certificates - one for test and one for and production
  • Test: Electricity suppliers must complete an End2End test for market processes in the electricity market, such as change of supplier.
  • Balance responsible party: Electricity suppliers must conclude an agreement with a balance responsible market player.
  • Grid Company: Electricity suppliers must conclude an agreement with the specific grid company to access its grid. Danish Energy has prepared a standard agreement that gas suppliers are welcome to use. The agreement covers all the grid companies available to electricity suppliers in Denmark.
  • Payment guarantee: Electricity suppliers must provide a bank guarantee or similar security for the payments received from customers on Energinet’s behalf. 

* New electricity suppliers can in the start-up phase access DataHub through a DataHub market portal. Note that the amount of data messages quickly can become extensive and therefore difficult to handle manually. Instead we therefore recommend B2B communication.


Getting started 

You are welcome to complete a number of steps on your own to speed up the process to become an electricity supplier

  • Professional Associations: Denmark has 3 professional associations for electricity suppliers: Dansk Energi, De Frie Energiselskaber and Energisammenslutningen.
  • Standard agreement: Dansk Energi's standard agreement details the distribution of responsibility and payment requirements that apply to the use of the distribution network by electricity suppliers and grid companies. 
  • Rules and Regulations in the electricity market: Energinet’s regulations and BRS guide give you more information about current rules and regulations that apply to the electricity market. 
  • Registration: Once you have completed and submitted our registration form for new electricity suppliers, the process of becoming a player in the Danish electricity market begins.


tips for a strong start

  • Read Energinet’s regulations to learn about the rules that apply.
  • Schedule plenty of time to complete the it-test.

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