Become a balance service provider in Denmark

Read about the requirements for balance service provider and apply here

Requirements for balance service providers (BSP)

  1. To deliver ancillary services with a limited energy supply (FFR, FCR & FCR-D), your company must be familiar with the regulations for balance responsibility, which you can read here.

  2. The company must be VAT registered.

  3. The company must enter into an agreement with eSett. Click here to read more about eSetts requirements and to register. 

  4. The company must have an EIC-number, which can be acquired by filling out this form and sending it to

  5. The company must have a GLN-number, which can be acquired here.

  6. The company must provide financial security through a credit of 100.000 DKK. Fill out this form and send it to to start the credit assessment process. 

  7. The company must have prequalified units. Read more about prequalification and tests here.

Note that all units must be registered in Datahub. Read more about Datahub and registration here.