Regulations and guidelines for system operation

This webpage will be updated as new revisions of system operation regulations and new guidelines are prepared and translated into English.

System operation concerns the regulation of system operation and responsibilities related to system operation and also operational reserves, operational procedures, operational planning, staff training and emergency preparedness, requirements for control equipment in coltrol centres and requirements for exchange of operational measurements (including real-time measurements and operational status). Furthermore, the regulations for system operation set the requirements for handling emergency preparedness situations and system disturbances, e.g. frequency load shedding and disconnection of electricity generation.

Please note that in case of any discrepancies between original Danish versions and translations, the Danish version of the text applies.



Energinet's guidelines for validation of RoCoF, February 2024


Technical regulation 3.4.2 Manual load-shedding of transmission-connected demand facilities

Technical regulation

No. Title Effective from
3.4.2 Technical regulation 3.4.2 Manual load-shedding of transmission-connected demand facilities 01.03.2021


Explanatory document

No. Title Current revision Published
3.4.2 Explanatory document for technical regulation 3.4.2 Manual load-shedding of transmission-connected demand facilities 1 14.04.2021


Agreement regarding operation of the interconnected Nordic power system (System Operation Agreement)


  Title   Effective from
  Fælles Nordisk Systemdriftsaftale (Nordic SOA)         14.08.2019
  Nordic SOA - Annex 1: List of annexes   04.03.2020
  Nordic SOA - Annex Capacity Calculation and Congestion Management (CACM)   27.01.2020
  Nordic SOA - Annex Electricity Balancing (EB)   04.03.2020
  Nordic SOA - Annex EEA (Statnett)   Pending 
  Nordic SOA - Annex Emergency and Restoration (ER)   04.03.2020
  Nordic SOA - Annex Forward Capacity Allocation (FCA)   11.12.2019
  Nordic SOA - Annex Load-Frequency Control & Reserves (LFCR)   17.10.2019
  Nordic SOA - Annex Operational Planning (OP)   11.12.2019
  Nordic SOA - Annex OP - App. Nordic Outage Planning   11.12.2019
  Nordic SOA - Annex OP - App. Nordic Adequacy Assessment   11.12.2019
  Nordic SOA - Annex Operational Security (OS)   11.12.2019

Technical regulation 5.1.2 Definition of plant status for thermal power stations connected to the transmission grid

No. Title Current revision Effective from
5.1.2 Definition of plant status for thermal power stations Revision 0 25.03.2015