Tariffs and fees

Energinet's activities are financed through tariffs. A tariff is a charge that consumers, producers and balance agents pay.

Energinet's transmission tariffs and fees cover the costs of operation, depreciation, financing and administration.

Energinet's transmission tariffs

Energinet's transmission tariffs are a user fee that, together with the income from the foreign connections, covers the costs of establishing, maintaining and operating the collective electricity grid in Denmark as well as balancing the electricity system.

Energinet is responsible for the transport of energy at national level, and is Denmark's Transmission System Operator (TSO).

Towards modernising Energinet's tariff design - An English publication

In these years, Energinet is changing the tariff design to better reflect the costs in the electricity system, and where a significantly larger part of the costs can be allocated more specifically to those electricity consumers and producers who give rise to the costs. Furthermore, correct price signals to users will support a continued efficient electricity system and a cost-effective green transition.

The publication 'Status of Energinet's tarif design 2023' provides an overview of already implemented changes as well as an overview of the upcoming changes to Energinet's tariff design.