Digital infrastructure

Contributions to the debate about the future digital infrastructure of charge point services and IOT devices. 

An enormous increase in IoT devices is expected in the coming years - not at least from the 1 million electric vehicles driving on the roads in 2030, which is the Danish ambition. It is a development that can become a huge burden for the energy system, but there is also potential in utilizing the smart consumption devices for balancing the energy system.

With this purpose in mind, Energinet has developed the paper “Driving towards Grid Balance” which should be seen as a starting point for further dialogue about the development of the charging market.

Read the full paper here.

The paper includes a review of the potentials and barriers in the current charging market as well as a suggestion for a technical architecture that introduces a selection of principles and capabilities to enable a smart development of the charging market to benefit consumers, market actors and the energy system.

It is our hope that the suggestion can serve as a starting point for collaboration across relevant market actors and authorities, about the development of the charging market.