Transmission system data

You can get access to our tranmission system data

About our transmission system data

The information is avaliable in an Excel spread-sheet containing the following static data for the western and eastern Danish transmission system on 132/150/400 kV level:

  • Bus data
  • Line data
  • Transformer data
  • Generation data
  • Load data

All RES type production from the distribution systems have been aggregated up to the appropriate transmission substations based on the production types gas, wind, solar and hydro. Likewise all distribution system loads have been aggregated up to the appropriate transmission substations. Hence there is no distribution system data included.

All off-shore wind-farms are modelled as aggregated PQ-controlled synchronous machines.

All interconnectors to our neighboring countries are modelled as ordinary PQ-loads connected to the Danish AC-side busbars.

The data comprises a balanced Load Flow case for the year 2020.

The grid model is based on information which is part of the plan-ning basis at the time where the planning assumptions have been locked. This information includes data given by external actors as well as’s own evaluations. This might imply that specific grid model data do not reflect changes within the latest planning basis.

Energinet takes no liability for any results produced by these published transmission system data.

Furthermore you will find a corresponding map showing the western and eastern Danish transmission system status 2020. 

Use this link to download our transmission system data: Transmission system data.

Use this link to download a map of the Danish electricity transmission system, 2020: Map 2020.



The transmission system data will be updated once a year. 


Questions regarding the transmissions system data

Energinet cannot offer full hot-line services to answer comprehensive questions regarding the published transmission system data however we will try to answer few relevant questions. To this end you may use the following mail box: