Injection of biomethane

Biomethane must have the same gas quality profile as conventional natural gas

Purification process

Biogas becomes “biomethane” through a purification process at an upgrade facility. Biomethane has the same gas quality properties as conventional natural gas, which largely is a mix of methane and CO2.

Gas pressure

The biomethane must also have the same pressure as the target network at the connection point. The gas pressure is specified in the connection agreement which the network owner and the upgrade facility must conclude prior to any injection of the biomethane into the Danish gas transmission system.

More information 

All network owners operate under the same rules regarding connection, injection and metering of biomethane: Rules for Bio Natural Gas.

You may find more detailed information in Denmark's Gas Regulation on the website for the Danish Safety Technology Authority (in Danish only).

Learn more about gas quality in the Danish transmission system.

Learn more about quality and delivery specifications in Rules for Gas Transport, appendix 1.