Statistics on guarantees of origin - gas

When gas is injected to the gas grid from a biogas plant, Energinet can issue 1 guarantee of origin for each MWh biomethane. The amount of issued and sold guarantees of origin is increasing along with the share of biomethane in the gas grid.

Issued guarantees of origin

Energinet issues guarantees of origin each month as documentation for the biogas injected to the distribution- and transmission grid. The number of issued guarantees of origin has increased from 2.2 million in 2018 to approx. 6 million in 2021
Energinet issues the guarantees of origin to the owners of the plants upgrading the biogas to the gas grid. They can either sell them directly to a consumer or to a third party who manages the further sale.
Each guarantee of origin represents 1 MWh green gas in the grid and documents from which biogas plant the gas was produced and when it was produced.
Guarantees of origin may also be called certificates.

The number of annually issued guarantees of origin/certificates. Statistics updated with data covering up to and including October 2022.

Sold guarantees of oritin are registered in Energinet’s registry 

The sellers of the guarantees of origin are obliged to cancel a number of guarantees of origin in Energinet’s  registry, corresponding to the number they have sold. The cancellations ensure that the guarantees of origin are only sold once.

2022 includes issued guarantees of origin in October.


The cancellations can happen in 4 ways and indicate the geographic consumption of the certifi-cates:
  • At the border to Germany: Europe
  • They can be transferred to the German certificate registry DENA
  • To Danish consumers
  • At the border to Sweden


Number of sold certificates 2018-2022

The numbers are based on cancelled guarantees of origin in Energinet’s registry


Issued and cancelled certificates/guarantees of origin 2021




1,526,043 transferred to DENA

1,136,064 in Denmark

2,223,782 at the border to Sweden

587,501 at the border to Germany: Europe