Are you ready for the market integration between Denmark and Sweden (JBZ)?

The methodology and market rules supporting the market integration between Denmark and Sweden have now been officially approved by both the Danish and the Swedish regulators – the Danish Utility Regulator and the Swedish Energimarknadsinspektionen. This means that the Joint Balancing Zone (JBZ) will go live as planned on 1 April 2019.

Updated market rules and gas tariffs

The market rules and a new price list together with an updated Swedish “Balansansvarsavtal” is published accordingly, and to be downloaded under links related to JBZ.

Shippers in Denmark and Sweden need to be aware of 7 main changes before JBZ go-live between the two countries.

The changes are: 

  1. 31 March 2019 at 03.00 CET will be the last time for nominations at Dragør, meaning that from the gas day 1 April 2019 at 06.00 it will no longer be possible to nominate at the Dragør border point.
  2. Capacity for Sweden needs to be booked at Energinet Online in the Joint Exit Zone combining capacity for Denmark and Sweden.
  3. Non-valid allocations will be sent from Energinet to shippers beginning the 2 April (for the gas day 1 April) and not from Swedegas. Also valid allocation will be sent from Energinet 
  4. Shippers active in Sweden will be able to see a forecast of their nDMS consumption, the same as for the Danish points.
  5. sDMS is introduced as a point in the system and is the DMS not covered by the iDMS. This is introduced since only facilities that consume >20 GWh/year is required to be reported with iDMS in Sweden.
  6. The Swedish balancing model will cease to exist on 1 April, all positive or negative line pack imbalance offset for each shipper will be settled by Swedegas by either buying or selling gas (priced based on the latest weekly balancing price (balansgrundpris))
  7. The Swedish virtual trading point will cease to exist.

Finally, Energinet Gas TSO and Swedegas encourage shippers to check the data communication leading up to and the first days after 1 April and pay special attention to the data files.


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