Future needs for gas transmission capacity?

What if you could have a say in the future capacity of the gas transmission system? This is exactly what Energinet Gas TSO wishes shippers in the Danish gas market to have this summer.

Users of the gas system know their own business best and are now requested to look into the “chrystal ball” in the planning of gas transmission capacity. Shippers are urged to forward non-binding demand indications towards Energinet, which is the first official step in the incremental capacity process.

Forward your non-binding indications by 26 August 2019

Shippers who wish to indicate their potential need for incremental capacity should fill in the Excel sheet on this page, and forward it to gasinfo@energinet.dk and with cc to cru@energinet.dk. 

Please fill in as many cells of the Excel sheet as possible

There is no requirement to fill in all cells for the relevant point(s), but please fill in as much information as possible. In any case, Energinet will contact all bidders directly, to fully understand the background and to assure the correct understanding of the indication.

All points and for as many years into the future as possible

Your capacity indications are appreciated for all points in the Danish gas transmission system. Although sincere in your non-binding demand indication, please be as visionary as possible when you fill in the sheet.

Why do we need your input?

Network development planning is a balance between meeting demand in due time, and avoiding over-investment in infrastructure. For harmonizing the process for the development of incremental capacity, rules for incremental capacity have been included in the Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanism (CAM NC).

The incremental process starts with the demand assessment phase that begins with this market demand assessment after the annual yearly capacity auction.


Please download and fill in


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