What is a safe level of gas in the gas storage facilities?

Now, shippers can follow the development of the ‘Safe Storage Level’ (SSL) in the Danish gas storage facilities on a daily basis.

Make your own calculations

The SSL is information to shippers about the actual filling of gas compared to the safe filling of gas in the storage facilities in Denmark. This data is a tool to enable further calculations of the security of supply covering the Danish and Swedish gas consumption for the rest of the storage season.

During the Tyra redevelopment period the supply capacity is limited. Supply to Denmark and Sweden during wintertime is dependent on additional supply from the Danish gas storage facilities.

Graph showing the safe storage level in the Danish gas storage facilities 21 August 2019


Daily updated data for the gas market

Shippers can now follow the actual storage level (dotted blue line) and compare it to Energinet’s assessment of a safe storage level (green line). The map also shows a projected storage level (yellow line), which forecast the stored total level, assuming Ellund firm capacity is fully utilized and including any known changes in capacities and production of gas in Denmark. 

The ‘Safe Storage Level’ tool will be updated daily on the website. 

More about the SSL on a separate page

You can read more about the calculations and assumptions behind the tool, and see the live version of the ‘Safe Storage Level’ here.  




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