The presentation from Shippers' Forum is now published

Now you can download the presentation from Shippers' Forum on 5 September 2019

Energinet Gas TSO hosted the Shippers' Forum once again on 5 September 2019

If you missed the Shippers' Forum, want a recap, or wish to communicate key messages to collegues and stakeholders, you will find the presentation by following the link below:

Presentation from Shippers' Forum 5 September 2019


A broad spectrum of presenters was in the spotlight at Energinet's offices in Balleru. Both the Danish Energy Agency and the Danish Utility Regulator had presentations on the Changes to the natural Gas Act and Monitoring of Danish wholesale gas Market, respectively.

Besides, the audience was presented with market measures that have and will enter into force, once the Tyra rebuilt period soon becomes a reality.

Gas Storage Denmark presented the results of their auctions for the upcoming storage years as well as information on current storage filling.

Information on the new economic regulation of Energinet Gas TSO was given and Shippers are urged to participate in info-meetings presented by the Danish Energy Agency during September. More information on these meetings will follow.


Opportunity to network

The turnout of the forum was great, which gave a golden opportunity for networking. An opportunity that many shippers used and in advance booked separate bilateral meetings.


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