Influence on the future gas transmission tariffs

This is an option for you, if you attend the user group meeting on new economic regulation of Energinet Gas TSO. You can influence the future of the gas transmission system, pose questions and have a say regarding the future tariffs by signing up for the coming meeting at Energinet Gas TSO.

Time and place of the user group meeting:

Friday 15 November 2019, 13.00-15.00

At Energinet, Pederstrupvej 76, 2750 Ballerup 

Please sign up by email to:

From 2022 a new economic framework will apply for Energinet Gas TSO. This will impact the future development of the Danish gas transmission system and among many things, tariffs. 

The Danish Energy Agency will present the principles of the new economics regulation, and you will be able to give your input.


  • Introduction - Clement Ulrichsen, Energinet Gas TSO
  • Process for public consultation and implementation of new regulation - Mette Mosgaard, Danish Energy Agency
  • Presentation of key elements of the new legislation incl. investment decision procedures - Bue Rømer Tidemann, Danish Energy Agency
  • Questions and answers - Moderated by Clement Ulrichsen, Energinet Gas TSO



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