Tyra redevelopment has an impact on the gas quality

A change in gas quality is to be expected in the Danish and Swedish gas market over time due to the redevelopment of the Tyra platform. Energinet Gas TSO pro-vides a data sheet with information about the estimated gas quality in the coming years.

In the period of the Tyra redevelopment, the gas quality will change, as the flow of gas changes from coming mainly from the North Sea field to being imported from Germany via Ellund. Addi-tionally, biomethane, currently stored gas and North Sea gas from Syd Arne, will reduce the amount of gas coming from Germany. 

For the coming winter period, the Danish and Swedish gas consumers will still in periods be supplied from stored gas originating from the North Sea, as the gas was stored in previous peri-ods with positive residual consumption of gas.

The reason for a change in the gas quality is the different origins and specifications of the gas in the years to come.

The stored North Sea gas decreases over time, and eventually the storage facilities will mainly contain imported gas from Germany with a supplement of biogas injected into the gas system.


The data sheet and the energy data service provide detailed information

This data sheet provides information about the estimated quality of the gas in the period of re-development.

For more information about the gas quality, please take a look at the data sheet on gas quality in the redevelopment period. 

Alternatively visit the energy data service - EDS.

The data sheet is calculated based on historical data and expected gas supplies.



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