Have your say in the long-term investment plan (LUP) for the Danish Energy system.

Energinet invites Stakeholders to the Danish Power and Gas transmission systems to participate in a workshop on the long-term development- and investment planning.

Energinet is in the process of developing a long-term development plan for the Power and Gas transmission systems. The work is initiated based on a draft for new legislation on planning and approval process for Energinet’s investments.


Energinet anticipate submitting a long-term development plan (LUP) to the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities every other year. The first long-term development plan (LUP) is to be submitted in June 2021. The long-term development plan shall describe the strategic path for development of the Power and Gas transmission systems.


Energinet invites our stakeholders to contribute with input to this long-term planning. You are therefore invited to:


Workshop on long-term perspectives in development of Power- and Gas transmission system

When: Thursday 12 December 13:00-16:00

Where: Energinet, Ballerup (Pederstrupvej 76)

Languages: The workshop is conducted in Danish


The purpose of the workshop is to highlight potential future development tendencies to secure a robust long-term development plan. Participants are invited to contribute in development of scenarios, which will be used as supplement to the base case scenario.


Programme and sign up

To view the programme and sign up to participate, please follow this LINK. If you have questions to the workshop, please forward them to Anne Hommelgaaard Falcon (afa@energinet.dk).



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