The presentation from Shippers' Forum is now published

Now you can download the presentation from Shippers' Forum on 5 December 2019

Energinet Gas TSO hosted the last Shippers' Forum in 2019 on 5 December

If you missed the Shippers' Forum, want a recap, or wish to communicate key messages to collegues and stakeholders, you will find the presentation by following the link below:

Presentation from Shippers' Forum 5 December 2019


As this was the first Shippers' Forum since the temporary shutdown of the Tyra platform in the Northsea during the redevlopment a status on the current supply situation in Denmark were given.

The result from the Incremental Capacity demand assesment was presented together with information on the potential development project 'Green gas Lolland-Falster'. More information on this topic will follow in the beginning of 2020.

The European Energy Exchange gave a presentation on their view on the upcoming German market merger.

The audience was also presented with the key point from the two User Groups 'Furture Balancing model' and 'Future Capacity Platform' one held in November and the other on the same day as the Shippers' Forum.

Finally, the lastest information on the new economic regulation of Energinet Gas TSO was presented.


Where you unable to attend? Fear not...

If you were not able attend the Shippers Forum we sure hope to see you at one of the Shippers' Forum in 2020. You will find the dates for next year by following this link:

Date for Shippers' Forum 2020


Suggestions for future topics are very welcome

If you have suggestions for topics that could be relevant for you to hear more about on an upcoming Shippers' Forum you are very welcome to inform us of these by sending an email to



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