Launch of Open Season 2020 - Green Gas Lolland-Falster

The market consultation on the Open Season 2020 is now open for comments and questions from markets players

Last week Energinet invited all current as well as potential shippers to take part in an Information meeting on the Open Season 2020, in relation to the Green Gas Lolland-Falster project.


During the incremental capacity process in 2019 Energinet received non-binding demand indications for new Exit- and Entry capacity at Lolland and Falster. Based on these indications, Energinet and Evida have commenced a project investigating possibilities to establish a green gas grid on Lolland-Falster.


Energinet will run the Open Season 2020 in order to collect firm investment signal from market players. Now the draft version of the Open Season 2020 rules has been published and the market consultation is thereby opened, giving the market players the chance to comment or ask questions, to the draft rules. Energinet therefore urge all potential participants to comment or ask questions relevant to the Open Season 2020 rules and process.


For more information on the Green Gas Lolland Falster project, the Open Season process and the related documents please follow this link:




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