Next Green Gas Forum will take place on 5 March 2020 in Ballerup

If you understand Danish, the coming Green Gas Forum may have your interest. If not - please disregard this announcement, as the Green Gas Forum on 5 March will be held in Danish.

For several years, Energinet has hosted Green Gas Forums in cooperation with the Danish Energy Agency. Green gas is a hot topic in Denmark, as it plays an important role in the green transition of energy. The amount of green gas in the national Danish gas system is increasing rapidly, and many new biogas plants are feeding gas into the system. 

More than 40 biogas plants are now connected to the gas system and are contributing to the overall gas supply. For this development to continue, new biogas supply to the gas system is highly depending on the future feed-in subsidy scheme in Denmark and the implementation of REDII in national legislation both in Denmark and Europe.

The Green Gas Forum on 5 March will focus on the market and the regulatory set-up surrounding the green gas in the gas system.

If you are interested in participating on 5 March in Ballerup, please follow this link to read more and to sign up.



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