Gas flow in Denmark will be turned up-side-down in future

The Danish gas system will undergo major changes. In future, gas for energy consumption in Denmark will not flow from the natural gas fields in the North Sea and spread to all branches of the country. Instead, gas will be produced at local biogas plants and will be used for energy purposes locally or transported across the country via the gas grid.

New analyses on the development needs

Consequently, Energinet now publishes the analysis: "Long-term development needs in the gas system" together with the "Long-term development needs in the power grid".

Green gases will contribute to new ways of using energy and be used in other sectors than today. Therefore, Energinet has published the new analysis that highlights the future needs of the gas system, in preparation for a broad societal dialogue on finding the best solutions.

Your input regarding long term development of the gas system is always welcome

Already in Summer 2019 Energinet had a hearing process complying with the EU incremental process to plan the gas network development, which is a balance between meeting demand in due time, and avoiding over-investment in infrastructure.

You will get the opportunity to contribute with your input to the development needs, as Energinet will invite interested parties in the continued work before writing the next analysis. A new section of the Energinet website will be dedicated the process, and you will be informed when the web section is published later this year.

Join the webinar

Already on Friday 20 November 2020 – if you understand Danish - you are invited to join the webinar on the development needs for the power and gas system towards 2040.

Read more about the webinar on the long-term development (in Danish).



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