Minor update of the gas supply and demand situation 2020-2022

Today, an updated status is published for the possible supply and demand situation 2020-2022 based on mitigation initiatives and new demand assumptions.

Compared to supply and demand situation described in September 2019 the situation in 2020-2022 seems improved.

Since the analysis from September 2019 the main developments are the following:

  • Danish Energy Agency (DEA) has published "Analysis Assumptions 2020" with less Danish gas demand and increased biogas production 
  • More firm capacity in Entry Ellund on the German side has been booked
  • the German Gas TSO Gasunie Deutschland reassesses the capacity situation during the gas year, based on the actual supply/demand situation. In some cases, they are able to in-crease the capacity towards Denmark on a short-term basis
  • The storage facilities are still partly filled with Danish gas with high calorific value. The storage volume capacity has been increased in 2020. The offered capacity has been booked.



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