Invitation for user groups on Baltic Pipe topics on 14 January 2021

Energinet invites you to join 2 user group meetings on Baltic Pipe related topics on 14 January. The 2 overall topics of the day will be 'Joint market zone' and 'Tariffs'. Both topics will be discussed virtually over Teams via one and the same link.

Join the meeting

If you are interested in joining, please follow this Teams link.

As always, when developing the Danish gas marked, shippers will have a say in the matter. This will also be the case in the phase of preparing for market related topics concerting Baltic Pipe.


The agenda for the user group meetings on the 14 January is: 

9-11 Joint market zone, with the aim of creating a simple and easy system for the shippers including presentation and discussion on the following subjects:

  • One Danish market zone
  • One balancing system
  • One set of rules (Rules for Gas Transport)
  • Uniform capacity tariffs

Energinet has published a methodology for integrating Baltic Pipe in the Danish market model.

11-11:30 Break

11:30 – 13:00 Tariffs, with presentation and discussion on the following subjects:

  • Capacity-/commodity-split, which today is 70%/30%
  • Long-term multiplier, the possibility for rebate when making long-term bookings (e.g. 5%-10%)
  • Gas-year versus calendar-year – should we stick to the known?



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