Material from User Groups on Baltic Pipe topics

The user group meeting on Baltic Pipe related topics on the 14 January is now followed up by a presentation from the meeting and a sum up of the discussion. The material includes one presentation for each of the two topics of the meeting.

The material used at the virtual user group can be accessed here

At the end of each presentation is one slide where the presenter is summing up the discussion in his own words.

The two overall topics of the day were 'Joint market zone' and 'Tariffs'. It was delightful to see that over 30 individuals participated in the event. The virtual format of the user group meeting was not a barrier for exchanging information. It was also god to experience that shippers were willing to express their views, also when they are not agreeing.  

Energinet Gas TSO wish to highlight that the consultation on the methodology last until 31 January 2021 and all questions and comments are welcome. 




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