User Group on Evaluation of the Joint Balancing Zone

On 1 April the Joint Balancing Zone (JBZ) between the Swedish and Danish market has been in operation for two years. When the Danish Utility Regulator in coordination with the Swedish Energimarknadsinspektionen approved the methodology, it was required that Energinet and Nordion after two years of operation should have a common evaluation with involvement of the market participants.

UPDATE: Please find the material for the User Group in the document at the right side. 

Therefore, Energinet and Nordion Energi are pleased to invite you to a User Group held on 26 March from 10:00 AM to 12 PM (CET). Due to the COVID 19 situation the User Group will be held online.

Material will be uploaded via another Gas News message in due time before the User Group.


We hope to see as many participants as possible and that you will state your opinion and give your comments on how you have experienced the two years with the Joint Balancing Zone.

You do not have to sign up for the User Group but simply just click on this link to participate: Link to User Group

If you´re not able to participate you are welcome to state your comments to the below email:

Signe Rasmussen

Poul Jacobsen

Geir Sjöholm

Material for User Group


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