Rules for Gas Transport - Appendix 8 - Data Privacy – GDPR update May 2021

Due to an update of GDPR more detailed content on data sharing in Energinet has been included in Rules for Gas Transport, Appendix 8, Data Privacy.

Rules for Gas Transport 20.0, appendix 8 - Data Privacy has been updated to comply with GDPR providing more detailed information on how Energinet process your personal data.

The following text marked with bold below have been added to appendix 8 - Data Privacy, section 3. How we process your personal data.

"We share your information with the Swedish TSO as a part of the Joint Balancing Zone cooperation and their use of your personal data is limited to the use set out in the section below"

The sharing of your data with the Swedish TSO is necessary for you to operate within the Joint Balancing Zone.

Please follow this link to the Rules for Gas Transport where you will also find the updated appendix 8 - Data Privacy, in its full length. 

For any question to the above please contact GDPR representative Cathrine Søegaard - contact details to the right on this page.




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