Lower gas transmission tariffs for the coming gas year 2021/2022

Shippers in the Danish gas transmission system will experience a decrease in the transmission tariffs in the coming gas year. This decrease is not to be seen as a trend, but only as a result of accumulated over recovery. This over recovery is caused by various factors in the gas market and because of change of accounting policy.

Prior to the yearly capacity auction at PRISMA Energinet has now published the tariffs for the coming gas year 2021/2022.

Compared to the current gas year, the shippers are looking into a decrease of approximately 24%, with a capacity tariff at 20.53 DKK/kWh/h/year and a commodity tariff at 0.00223 DKK/kWh.


Over recovery is the cause of the lower tariffs 

The movements in the forecasted capacity and flow are equaled out by changes in the total cost base. The consequence is a decrease in the tariffs because of accumulated over recovery.

The over recovery is generated from several factors. Primarily from changes in the shippers’ booking behavior during cold spells, a decrease in costs, and changes in the accounting policy related to re-establishment obligations.


Gas transmission tariffs 2021-22


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