Updated data sheet on gas quality forecast

The redevelopment period of the Tyra platform together with Baltic pipe commission has called for an updated version of the data sheet on gas quality starting from autumn 2022

From 1 October 2022 the Baltic Pipe connection will be commissioned, connecting Europipe II to Poland through Denmark. Until June 2023 the Tyra platform will continue to be under redevelopment. This means a period with differences in the gas quality. It can be expected that from autumn 2022 to summer of 2023 the gas quality in the Danish transmission grid will be mostly dominated by the Norwegian gas. 

Once Tyra is recommissioned the gas quality will be a blend of the two types of gas, but still with most of the gas being Norwegian. Energinet has therefore made an update of the data sheet on gas quality, so that it now also includes an example of the expected gas quality of the Norwegian gas. 

In general, two facets can be highlighted for the Norwegian gas:

  • The Wobbe Index (25/0) is expected to be 14.4-14.6 [kWh/Nm3]
  • The carbon dioxide level is expected to be around 2.2 mole-%

Until autumn 2022, the gas will be imported from Russia over the German border and with small amounts of gas from the Syd Arne field. No matter where the gas comes from, gas installations are prepared for receiving gas qualities within the limits of the gas specification applying to all types of gas supplied into the Danish and Swedish gas system.

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