Consultation: Agreement on Implementation of a Virtual Interconnection Point between the Entry-Exit-Systems of Energinet and Trading Hub Europe („VIP Agreement”)

Transmission system operators are obliged to consult the market when changing specific parts of the interconnection agreement, in accordance with the Interoperability Network Code (INT NC).

According to Article 19, 9. of the Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/459 of 16 March 2017 (CAM NC) transmission system operators shall offer available capacities of interconnection points connecting the same adjacent entry-exit-systems at one virtual interconnection point to provide one single capacity service as defined in Article 3, 23. CAM NC.


Citation CAM NC Article 19, 9. sentence 1 for information:

“Where two or more interconnection points connect the same two adjacent entry-exit systems, the adjacent transmission system operators concerned shall offer the available capacities at the interconnection points at one virtual interconnection point.“


The contractual agreement of the transmission system operators on the virtual interconnection point "VIP DK-THE" also includes regulations on matching, allocation and communication procedures which replace the previous regulations on these topics from the interconnection agreement between Energinet, GUD and OGE.


Taking into account that transmission system operators are obliged to invite network users to comment on these three subjects pursuant to Article 4, 2. of Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/703 of 30 April 2015 (INT NC), OGE would like to give its network users the opportunity to also comment on these three issues of the planned agreement on the “VIP DK-THE”.


Citation INT NC Article 4, 2. for information:

“Before concluding or amending an interconnection agreement which contains rules referred to in Article 3(c), (d) and (e), transmission system operators shall invite network users to comment on the proposed text of those rules at least two months before the agreement is concluded or amended. The transmission system operators shall take the network users comments into account when concluding or amending their interconnection agreement“


We hereby give you the opportunity to send us your comments, objections or proposals regarding the regulations for matching, allocation and communication procedures, via the published consultation document on this page.


Please forward your comments to, by 16th February 2022.




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