Energinet AS4 connector supported by Virtimo in the future

Energinet is in the process of replacing current IT market system to a new system. Subsequently the AS4 connector will change being supported by service provider Virtimo in the future.

As announced in February 2022 a switch from AS2 to AS4 security protocol for communication is required for all players active in the Danish transmission system before 1 October 2022.

From 1 October 2022 the AS4 connector will be supported by service provider Virtimo. To assure a smooth transition Virtimo will be contacting all players directly to setup AS4 communication in both test- and production environment as soon as possible.

Information on how to proceed will be communicated by Virtimo to players directly. 

However, should you have any questions you are always very welcome to contact Energinet. For questions please write to backoffice@energinet.dk



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