Change of within-day price index for calculating the neutral gas price, from gas day 7 June 2022

From 7 June, Energinet will calculate the neutral gas price based on a new within-day price index from EEX, where the calculation is based on all within-day trades for the gas day at EEX ETF.

Currently, Energinets neutral gas price is based on the within-day price index from EEX, which is calculated on the basis of within-day prices from 08:00-18:00 at ETF. With the new price index, also calculated by EEX, all within-day trades completed for the relevant gas day will be taken into account. EEX will still calculate and publish the current within-day index, so the new index will be an add-on to EEX’s indices.

The prices from the new index will be used from 7 June 2022, and will be published in the daily balancing price sheet under “Public Download” at Energinet Online, and later this year also at EEX’s website.



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