October capacity for the points North Sea Entry and Faxe will only be offered day-ahead and within-day

As announced at Shippers Forum yesterday, Energinet will offer October capacity at Entry North Sea from Norway and at the Faxe point to and from Poland as day-ahead and within-day capacity. This means that capacity for these specific points will not be offered in the monthly auction on Monday 19 September.

The Baltic Pipe project is reaching its first major milestone on 1 October 2022, where part of the capacity will be ready. As there is still activity going on right up to the commencement date, Energinet has decided not to offer monthly capacity for October, but will only offer capacity short-term, meaning via day-ahead and within-day auctions. The offer of capacity for Faxe is coordinated with Gaz-System, who will also offer capacity for October as day-ahead and within-day capacity.


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