Energinet introduces the possibility to utilize existing entry capacity contracts at different entry points from 1 October

Due to the current supply situation in EU, there is a need to redirect the sourcing of gas to differ-ent routes. To support this, Energinet will introduce the possibility to utilize existing capacity contracts at a different entry point from 1 October.

The new mechanism will be introduced so capacity can be re-utilised between the points Entry Ellund, Entry North Sea, Entry Faxe and Entry Nybro. The mechanism will be activated via the same process as capacity conversion, so shippers who are successful in booking capacity at one entry point, will be able to convert their existing entry capacity contract to the new contract.

The shipper will only pay the capacity price for the new contract, which includes the price for the multiplier in case of a shorter-term capacity product than the original contract, and a possible surcharge if there is an over-demand for the capacity.

The capacity at the original point will be released for booking by the rest of the market.

The mechanism will be included in the General Terms & Conditions for Gas Transport from 1 October. It is expected that the mechanism will be included the next 2 gas years.

We invite market participants to forward any comments they might have to this new service. Please forward your comments to gasinfo@energinet.dk.




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