New balancing model - status 2 weeks after go-live

Energinet’s new backend system and balancing model went into operation on 1 October, on the same day as the first flow towards Poland started. 14 days into operation, Energinet will give a status on the solved and remaining issues in terms of the balancing model and related topics.

During the last week, the following issues in terms of the balancing model have been resolved:

  • A sign error for the nDMS forecast for Sweden was solved on 10 October
  • The Danish nDMS forecast was not forwarded to the market for 2 days, but is now in function again
  • The data for balancing entry/exit on Energinet Online is no longer overwritten by zeroes at the end of the gas day
  • The Causer Allocation Point is now visible on Energinet Online, together with the other virtual points
  • The allocation towards causers is now resolved
  • It is now possible to nominate towards virtual points at Energinet Online
  • The values for ASB will be published at Energi Data Service within the next 2 weeks, with the possibility to retrieve data via API
  • Missing NOMRES for Swedish consumption have been resolved

Energinet are currently working on the following outstanding issues:

  • (Re)introducing the non-valid allocation after the gas day at 11:15
  • Missing IASB value for the hour 05:00-06:00
  • Insert the data for balancing entry/exit at Energinet Online before 12 October (which still is zeroes)
  • Introducing daily balancing prices on Energi Data Service
  • General improvements to the views and usage of Energinet Online, hereunder including names on counterparts in Register of Relations
  • Guide on how to use Energinet Online
  • Publication of Public data on Energi Data Service

Thanks to market participants for cooperation

We acknowledge that the last 2 week have required market participants to incorporate new ways of operating in order to balance and the above-mentioned issues has made it more difficult for some to begin with. However, with changes of this size and the complexity some start up difficulties was expected.

We would like to thank market participants for both your patience and willingness to work together with Energinet in resolving issues effecting your daily operation. Our dialogue with the market has been ongoing and we would like to encourage market participant to continue the dialogue.




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