New Balancing model – Status one month after go-live

On the 1 of October 2022 the new balancing model went into operation, to accommodate the increased gas flow flowing through the Danish transmission system due to the opening of Baltic Pipe. Energinet acknowledges that the migration to the new balancing model has not been easy and has involved challenges for both Energinet and market participants.

Energinet is working intensively to resolve the remaining challenges and are grateful for the constructive dialog with the market that has allowed us to address and resolve the problems more efficiently. 

Issues that are currently of highest priority for Energinet to resolve is relating to the quality of data used for balancing including Shippers’ ability to balance.


Specifically, Energinet is currently focusing on resolving the following balancing issues:

  • Individual Accumulated Shipper Balance (IASB) is being published before the commencement of the gas hour – expected to be resolved week 45
  • Calculation and allocation at Causer Allocation Point (CAP) based on Individual Shipper Balance (ISB) instead of IASB – expected to be resolved week 45
  • Increase data quality from Distribution for consumption after the Gas hour – Energinet is in dialogue with Evida.
  • Resolve issue with matching between Gas Storage Denmark and Energinet.
  • Retrieving missing balance data from 1 October until and including 11. October – will be resolved with valid data
  • Publication of ‘Daily Balancing Gas Prices’ October – see right hand sidebar
  • Publication of ‘Daily Balancing Gas Prices’ in the future on Energi Data Service – Work in progress

Furthermore, Energinet is working on resolving following matters which have been highlighted by market participants:

  • (Re)introducing the non-valid allocation after the Gas Day at 11:15
  • Publication of Accumulated System Balance (ASB) values and green zone limits on Energi Data Service (EDS) with the possibility to retrieve the data via API
  • Publication of Public Data on Energi Data Service


Handling of Balancing gas for October 2022

Given the challenges with balancing in October for both Energinet and market participant Energinet is looking into how balancing gas shall be handled for this specific month. Energinet will be working for a fair solution for market participants within Energinet's legal framework. As an effect hereof invoicing of Balancing gas for October is expected to be delayed.

Thanks to market participants for continued cooperation

Energinet acknowledges the strains the implementation of both the new balancing model, Energinet’s new backend market IT system and the derived new ways of working have put on market participants.

However, with changes of this size and complexity some start up difficulties were expected.

Energinet appreciate the continued dialogue with market participants on needs for improvements and hope to continue the dialogue to reach our common goals of having a well-functioned gas market together with high security of supply.




Energinet FAQ meeting on 10. November 2022

Energinet invites market participants to a FAQ meeting on 10. November 2022 from 14.00 – 15.00, where attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about the new balancing model. The meeting will be virtual only and conducted through Microsoft Teams.


If you wish to participate, please send an email to to receive a calendar invitation for the virtual meeting.


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