Entry capacity conversion service approved by the Danish Utility Regulator

Energinet is pleased to announce that the proposed entry capacity conversion service has been approved and is now included in the Terms and Conditions for Gas Transport, effective today.

Shippers with existing entry capacity at Ellund, North Sea Entry, Nybro, or Faxe can convert their capacity to a new entry point at the points mentioned above. The service applies to Annual, Quarterly, and Monthly Capacity.

Please notice that if there is over-demand in an auction of entry capacity for yearly, quarterly, or monthly products, it is not possible for Energinet to offer the entry capacity conversion service for the period covered by the given product. However, over-demand on yearly products will not prevent Energinet from offering the service for quarterly or monthly products.

Therefore, requests can only be accepted for one month at a time (also for quarterly and yearly products).

If you wish to use the service, please submit your request by no later than 3 business days after the conclusion of the monthly capacity auction to gasinfo@energinet.dk.



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