Evaluation of the balancing model

In accordance with the method approval of the balancing model, Energinet must evaluate the balancing model based on the first 5 months of operation. Shippers are encouraged to forward first written comments to Energinet by 10 April

Based on the method approval of the balancing model from December 2021, Energinet are obliged to evaluate the balancing model based on dialogue with the market. The method approval can be found at the Danish Utility Regulators website via this link, where the requirement and specific points for the evaluation is described on page 54-56: Godkendelse af metodeændring til balancemodellen på gasområdet (forsyningstilsynet.dk)

Energinet encourage shippers to send in written comments by 10 April 2022 to cru@energinet.dk.

After receiving written comments, Energinet will prepare a draft evaluation report, which will be send out for commenting to the market around mid-May 2022.

Energinet must hand in the final evaluation report to the Danish Utility Regulator by 1 July 2022.



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