Balancing invoice for October 2022 is close to ready

Within the next 2 weeks, the balancing invoices for October 2022 are expected to be forwarded to market participants. After the summer holiday, the next months will follow, and Energinet expects to catch-up on the missing invoices during the autum 2023.

Right now Energinet prepares the invoices, and makes the last checks, to ensure that everything is correct. In parallel to this, Energinet also prepares the extraordinary neutrality invoicing for October. It is Energinet’s expectation that the invoices for October will be forwarded within the coming 2 weeks.

However please be aware that there is a risk that the invoicing for October must be postponed to August, if something unexpected should occur in this last part of the process, but we are doing everything we can to have the invoices out within the next 2 weeks.



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