Balancing invoices for October 2022 are completed

The balancing invoices for October 2022 have now been completed and forwarded to the market together with the credit notes/self billing for the extraordinary neutrality.

Today shippers have received the first invoice after the change to the new balancing model 1 October 2022. Shippers towards the Joint Exit Zone have also received credit notes/self billings for the extraordinary neutrality for October. Shippers receiving the extraordinary neutrality will also receive a detailed specification of the calculations.

Together with this news update, Energinet has published a document going into more detail on the extraordinary neutrality, including an overview of which days will be neutralized each month. Further Energinet has been allowed to share a document containing comments from Green Power Denmark on the neutrality principles.

Shippers should be aware that there can be minor rounding differences on the invoices, which will be corrected in the IT system later on. The final invoice payment is correct, but the prices used for calculating are with 4 digits but calculated with up to 10 digits in the system. This means that the price on the invoice times volume does not equal the payment in all cases. As the payments are correct, Energinet have prioritised to forward the invoice, in stead of further delaying the invoicing.

The due date for the invoices is set to 25 September due to the summer holiday season and to allow shippers time to go through the calculations, as this is the first balancing invoice based on the new system.


Status on evaluation report

The draft evaluation report of the start-up of the balancing model will be published in the beginning of August for consultation, and not before the summer holiday period as first communicated.



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