Update on balancing invoices

Energinet will be further delayed with the balancing invoices due to a quality check. Invoices for October 2022 are considered as valid with due date 25 September.

Energinet has forwarded the balancing invoices to the market for October 2022 in mid-July. Based on these Energinet has become aware that there may be inconsistencies in the allocation of valid quantities used for invoicing.

Energinet is currently doing a quality check to clarify if these instances are indeed incorrectly allocated. Therefore, we cannot proceed invoicing until these tests have been conducted. Hence, we may not reach the former communicated expectations about being up to date with the balancing invoices in December 2023.

The invoices that have already been sent out are still considered as valid with due date 25 September 2023. If any inconsistencies are proven in our investigations these will be corrected through a correction invoice. 

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. We are working on giving an update as fast as possible.



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