Imbalance invoices for Nov-2022 sent out – valid data can be found on Energinet Online

Following the gas news sent out on November 22 (Status on imbalance settlement for gas – Energinet will recommence invoicing) we are now happy to announce that the first imbalance invoices have been sent out for the period Nov-22.

In the prior Gas news we indicated that relevant data for invoice validation would be sent out for each individual shipper in Excel. However, our work on displaying the relevant data on Energinet Online has succeeded faster than expected and the data for Nov-22 invoices are now ready on the portal. Hence, we will not send out the valid Nov-22 data on individual shipper basis in Excel, but refer to Energinet Online for your individual data, which can be found under “Allocations”.


We continue the process on imbalance settlement invoicing  and still expect rest of Q4-22 to be sent out before New Year as earlier indicated.



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