The evaluation of the Joint Balancing Zone is now ready for market consultation

Energinet and Swedegas are ready to share the evaluation of the Joint Balancing Zone.

In accordance with the Danish Utility Regulator (DUR) and the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate’s (Ei) approved methodology for the Joint Balancing Zone (JBZ), the JBZ was implemented by the two transmission system operators, Energinet and Swedegas, on 1 April 2019. As part of the approval, DUR and Ei have required the JBZ partners to conduct an evaluation of the JBZ in 2021 and a reevaluation in 2024.

The JBZ partners have evaluated the effects of the implementation of the JBZ from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2023. This evaluation report is now ready to be shared with the market.

The report evaluates on key aspects of the JBZ framework including:

  • Usage of ‘Day-Ahead’ and ‘Intra-Day’ capacities
  • The economic costs and benefits
  • Trade activity and liquidity
  • BAM’s balancing activities
  • System integrity and functionality
  • Harmonization of electronic data communication systems
  • Fulfillment of the European Network Code on Balancing
  • The Danish and Swedish DSO’s perspective on JBZ

The evaluation report will be subject to consultation from 3 May 2024, until 22 May 2024, and it can be accessed in the documents section using this link Joint Balancing Zone (

Alternatively, you can download the evaluation from the sidebar.

The JBZ partners are looking forward to receiving feedback and input from market players as it plays a key role in making advancements to the functioning of the JBZ cooperation.  

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