Gas quality data

Gas quality is meassured and collected from M/R stations across the country every 3 minutes.

Updated gas quality values

Gas quality data from to 2015 up until today can be found on Energinets dataplatform Energidataservice

EDS datsets:

The gas composition and associated gas quality parameters for the gas is measured and calculated from the gas in Egtved going east, which is deemed to be the most representative sample compared to the gas the Danish consumer receive. This data is released as unvalidated hourly data.

Hourly transmission network data

Monthly and yearly data is validated and based on average values as well as the minimum and maximum values, meaning that these are not necessarily the absolute minimum and maximum values. The data can not be used for settlements for commercial transactions in the gas market. 

Monthly transmission network data

Annual transmission network data

For all points where the gas enters the Danish gas system or is delivered to an adjacent network or storage facility as well as the compressor station in Egtved, the primary gas quality parameters calculated are; upper calorific value, lower calorific value, Wobbe index and density at hourly level.

Gas quality parameters for exit and entry points in the Danish system

The corresponding parameters for the gas delivered to the distribution networks via MR stations can be found here.

Gas quality for the MR stations


No measurable heavy metals

Energinet monitors the presence of metals in the gas. Generally there are neither measurable amounts of heavy metals nor measurable amounts of alkali metals. Thoughs traces of arsenic were recorded in 2002, there were no detectable amounts in Energinet’s 2012 reading.

Analysis of hydrocarbon levels

Energinet regularly performs an analysis of heavy hydrocarbons in the natural gas. A 2012 analyses identified approx. 50 different hydrocarbons, mostly C6, C7, C8 and C9. For example, in Danish gas from the Northsea the profile of a C6+ content of 0,082 mol-% looks like this:
0,072 mol-% C6, 0,008 mol-% C7, 0,002 mol-% C8 and 0,0002 mol-% C9.