EDI Communication

Players in the Danish gas retail market use EDI messages to communicate

Accuracy & Transparency

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a communication standard that ensures accuracy in payment settlements and transparency in the flow of data between market players.

EDI Documentation

The following EDI regulation and implementation guides detail current requirements and test procedures for EDI-based communication in the Danish gas market:

Regulation & Business processes

Business scenarios for EDI communication in the gas market (non-binding English translation)

EDI-Communication - Regulation F (non-binding English translation)

Danish Business Transactions for the Gas Market

Implementation guides





Test your system

Prior to sending or receiving your first EDI message, your communication system must be tested and approved by Energinet through our test portal www.ediport.dk.


Please feel free to give us call with any additional questions.

Accurate Accounts

Gas suppliers, distribution companies and Energinet use the same EDI communication standard to exchange data which ensures transparency and accuracy in account setttlements.