Gas suppliers

Energinet invites new gas suppliers to join Denmark’s gas market.

Share a smarter way to do energy

Gas and biomethane play a central role in Denmark’s green transition and Energinet works every day to ensure that the Danish gas market enjoys optimal conditions for growth for all market participants, including gas suppliers.

International Integration

Energiet also work with our European counterparts to further a mutually transparent and flexible cross-border marketplace and to remove obstacles for the development of new products with an international market potential, such as the buying and selling of biomethane.


At Energinet, we also believe that markets move forward further and more quickly when market participants have access to exchange ideas and insights in a welcoming and collaborative environment.

How to Join

You will find a description of all the requirements that apply to your role as gas supplier in Rules for Gas Distribution:

  1. Complete a framework agreement with Energinet
  2. Test your IT-system for EDI communication compatibility. Please contact Evida
  3. Complete agreements with your shipper(s) and with Denmark's gas distribution company - Evida


Join us

New gas suppliers must sign a framework agreement with Energinet.

Please contact us