Make sure you familiarize yourself with the legal framework that governs your role in the Danish gas market, including any specific obligations and technical requirements you may have to fulfil.


Easy access to the rules and appendices currently in force for the Danish gas market and the Danish biomethane market.

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  • Terms and Conditions - Gas Transport
  • Terms and Conditions - Upstream Pipeline


The document titled “Rules for the Supply of Upgraded Biogas into the Danish Gas System” governs the process of upgrading biogas to biomethane and injecting the biomethane into the Danish gas system.

Biogas upgrade facilities must also enter into a connection agreement with a network owner prior to injecting biometane into the gas system. The connection agreement is in Danish only.


Rules for the Supply of Upgraded Biogas into the Danish Gas System

Biomethane certificates

Rules for biomethane certificates specify the provisions for the voluntary certification scheme administered by Energinet. Energinet has established the certification scheme to issue biomethane certificates for biogas that has been upgraded to biomethane and injected into the Danish gas system.

Rules for biomethane certificates

Appendix 0 - Model biomethane certificates in Denmark

Appendix 1 - Registration form for account holder

Appendix 2 - Standard Certificate Agreement

Gas distribution

”Rules for gas distribution” is the legal framework for the gas retail market in Denmark.

The document describes the national market rules that cover gas distribution companies and gas suppliers in Denmark.

Gas suppliers and distribution companies use EDI communication for their business processes and must comply with the requirements described in the listed EDI communication documents.


Rules for Gas Distribution



Business scenarios for EDI communication in the gas market

General Terms and Conditions for Gas Transport in the Upstream Pipeline

The General Terms and Conditions for Gas Transport in the Upstream Pipeline is prepared in regard to section 5 of Executive Order No 1410 of 16th December 2019 on access to upstream pipeline networks and to upstream facilities

On the following link: Current tariffs ( you will find the current tariffs. The indicative standard cost of transportation for the Upstream Pipeline will be the firm capacity tariff for non-transmission service.

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